2 Luxury Apartment Designs For Young Couples

2 Luxury Apartment Designs For Young Couples

When you are lucky enough to be young, in love, and have the means to find and decorate a luxury apartment there is not much more that you can ask from life. The designs of these two apartments are at the same time youthful and indulgent. Both come complete with modern, playful rooms for children and calming, sumptuous bedrooms for the parents. While they may not have the square footage of more luxurious homes, they are certainly enough to enjoy.

The first space comes from designer Mario Stoica, who uses a range of colors and modern textures to create a comfortable, vibrant space. In the living room, light grays provide a neutral canvas for different shades of green, giving the space the feeling of new growth and new beginnings, which is perfect for a young and growing family. The open floor plan makes it easy to relax on one of the large sofas or sit for a few hours and refuse to eat your broccoli, if necessary.

The child's bedroom is splashy, pretty pink with cleverly executed shelving and even a whimsical rug.

The parent's bedroom does not eschew color completely, but overall offers a much more calming effect with large swaths of neutral and just a few pops of brightness. Advertisement

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