8 Creatively Designed Bedrooms in Detail

8 Creatively Designed Bedrooms in Detail

When you move into a new home, you take the time to design the bedroom just as you like it. But after a while, even the perfect room can start to feel stale, claustrophobic, and even boring. Perhaps it is time for you to completely redecorate, or maybe just a new rug or a creative light fixture could be the solution. No matter what it is, you should be able to draw some creative inspiration from these 8 beautiful bedrooms from skilled designers and visualizers.

The first room is a spacious urban room with bright city views. Sculpted light fixtures over the side tables as well as in the center of the room give it an industrial vibe while smooth tiled floors have an Italian elegance to them.

This next room is decidedly softer and perhaps a bit more traditionally feminine. White, pale yellow, and a few pops of on-trend magenta really give it a springtime aura. The cushioned headboard is another sweet, soft touch that's sure to promote good dreams.

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