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A Charming Mountain Open Space

Is not it fascinating only for its aesthetic, but also for his concept, which combines the two styles and two areas that until recently seemed very far away: the open space, known to be closer to the city environments, and that of traditional mountain homes. What in the images is rather an open space of mountains: yes, exactly, are concentrated in one place all the features of a mountain home, totally made of wood and a warm and welcoming atmosphere where the flavor of tradition is not lost due the provision of modern inland areas.

All in 70 square meters, with no wall divisions, if not to conceal the bathroom. Not to mention the propensity to ecology, typical of the modern concept of living, but also suitable for mountain life in contact with nature: plants of this house, therefore, exploit renewable energy and energy efficiency. The creation of this open space mountain, which is located in Massachusetts, was cured by the study Maryann Thompson Architects .

Posted by on January 3, 2012.

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