Adorable Sleeping Baby Dreamscapes

Adorable Sleeping Baby Dreamscapes

It might be a stretch to file this under bedroom designs, but we are going to go ahead and do it anyway. California artist and mother Queenie Liao has always found inspiration in her surroundings. With the birth of her first son, Wengenn, she turned even more inward for her art. Rather than go out into the world to explore her photography, she began to explore her own dreams and fairytales and then created imaginative and gorgeous dreamscapes for her slumbering son. Take a look at these incredible photos and we dare you not to be inspired.

Some of the fairytales are more obvious and literal than others. Here, a sleeping Wengenn becomes his own Gulliver, traveling through his dreams at home.

Liao uses clothes, stuffed animals and household items as her brushes. Here, she even uses clothes AS brushes and Wengenn as the artist.

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Video: Adorable Sleeping Baby Dreamscapes.


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