Awesome Interactive Wall

Awesome Interactive Wall

When technology meets office design to create an eye catching workplace viewable from blocks away, we can't help but be tinkled pink at the thought. The events agency Bü ro Hirzberger hired one of the best techie talents, Austrian design agency Strukt Design Studio to create a digitally enhanced wall that would capture the essence of their company by using video projectors and tons of creative precision. The Pac Man visuals are but an added bonus at the end of this video which basically demonstrates the manifestation of their genius design idea…

If you are reading this post through email, you need to visit the following link to view the videos: (It is worth it!)


Actually this also reminds us of the Apple Matrix Wall which Apple showed off at last year's WWDC. Everytime someone purchases an app, that app icon would pulsate.


Thanks, TC.

This year around they made it more 'matrixy'.

The way technology is moving these days, you wouldn't rule out having one of these in your home pretty soon. Check out this video: v=CV4UMoXMbPU

Video: Awesome Interactive Touch Wall.


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