Bedroom Design Ideas: Set 6 (From Hulsta)

Bedroom Design Ideas: Set 6 (From Hulsta)

Very rarely you bump into a designer whose work captivates you so much that you want to tell the world about it immediately. German furniture maker Hülsta is one such firm that had us blogging on a Sunday. It just suffices to say that we are immensely impressed with their bedroom concepts. Images follow:

eclectic bedroom

attic bedroom

stylish bedroom

red classy bedroom

artistic bedroom

creative bedroom

nice bedroom

wood finish bedroom

modern minimalistic bedroom

artistic bedroom

classic bedroom

awesome bedroom

Go here for more bedroom designs. Additionally, we have featured 5 other bedroom design inspiration sets before at Home-Designing. Feel Free to check them out here: Set 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Video: Bedroom Design Ideas Set 6 From Hulsta.

Set 6 (From Hulsta) .

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