Brick Wall Studio Apartment Inspiration

Brick Wall Studio Apartment Inspiration

This collaborative design effort features the genius of Stephan Jaklitsch of Jaklitsch/ Gardner Architects and challenges how studio spaces are thought of. It does comply with a fundamentally open plan principle, but not out of space-maximizing necessity. It is defiantly grand and reflects a freedom of choice rather than an adherence to convention. This space unapologetically and luxuriously accommodates the modern professional couple, while exuding a family-friendly warmth. In addition to its exposed beams of magnificent presence, its most defining characteristic is the brickwork that spans the lengthy living, dining and entertainment area.

As one might reasonably expect, the impression created by a brick aesthetic is one of elemental ambience and this is rightly accentuated by Jaklitsch and Gardner's use of another earthily robust material: wood. Hardwood floors and statement pieces of furniture of contrasting grains, such as the walnut writing desk in the bedroom (accessed through wooden-framed oriental twin doors), make a significant contribution to a warm, yet undeniably masculine environment. The space is softened by a slightly more feminine hand in styling, that is careful with its use of teal and generous with living floral accents. Advertisement

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Additional Image Credits: Perseverence Design (12-17), Miysis (18-19), Marwan S (20)

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