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Building of offices Total Test

The project is located in one of the most central commercial areas of the city of Monterrey, previously comprised of residential buildings, but due to urban development is currently occupied by Office buildings, hospitals and schools, many of them result from adaptations of old residences or reconstructions. The conception of this project arose from the need of merging, and two buildings rehabilitating existing housing to give rise to an office building. The main idea was to the follow the sustainable approach to avoid demolition and reused buildings, as well as their materials and finishes.

The formal proposal of the building is to put it in some way in a membrane that surrounds and intertwined both buildings acting as a double-skin, from a liner that works like a ventilated facade. One of the limitations found the project was the orientation of dwellings that were resolved through the implementation of solar protections to mitigate the direct impact of the rays of the sun into the interior as well as to make use of natural lighting. The functionality of the administrative areas and work was achieved through the connection and integration of space of both houses, respecting and adapting the structure and taking advantage of existing spaces as well as facilities to give rise to an office building that can accommodate more than 100 users. The point of liaison between both buildings is achieved with the available in the lobby and the cube of stairs which in turn give rise to the access of the new building area.

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