Dream Big With These Imaginative Kids Bedrooms

Dream Big With These Imaginative Kids Bedrooms

To a child, even an ordinary bedroom can become a jungle, castle, doctor's office, or anything in between. A blanket becomes a cave, a chair becomes a mountain…

Other parts of the room look sophisticated enough for adults to enjoy as well - parents can likely use this desk to catch up on work while watching the kids play.

A nook near the window looks out onto the city below. Little ones can use the inspiration they see to complete fabulous works of art on the chalkboard to the right.

While the rest of the room is wonderfully open and airy, the bed nook feels much more cozy and private - it's a little darker than the rest of the room so the young resident can sleep in on the weekend.

Two children, one bedroom, but plenty of style to go around - this space uses a creative layout to accommodate both kids while preserving as much play space as possible. Plus, who couldn't love a comic-themed kids' room? Batman and Superman are such a fun theme, especially considering the super hero renaissance.

Almost all of the built-in furniture pieces include hidden storage areas to help keep the room neat and tidy. The overhead cabinets work well for seasonal storage, while the under-bed drawers are ideal for school clothes.

This adorable Captain America themed jungle gym offers several ways to work out some energy. Kids can climb the ladder, the rope, hang from the handles, or jump down and start all over again.

Of course, life isn't all about super heroes and jungle gym time. This neat dual desk ensures both youngsters can complete their homework side-by-side with an inspiring view of the yard.

Bold colors and cool built-in features make this kid's room special. Even though it's not as spacious or as extravagant as the previous bedrooms, bright colors and comfortable furniture make it feel like a welcoming place to a child rather than just a place to sleep.

Is this curious little frog the inspiration for the color theme, or did the theme influence the frog choice? It's just too cute! He matches so well! Choosing art for a room this bold surely isn't easy, but kids probably aren't too picky.

An adorable white house shape surrounds the television and the clock, its white picket fence continuing along the wall to serve as a creative row of shelves.

Pink decor and pretty accents are sure to inspire envy in parents who may have never fully outgrown their inner princess. It's a very sophisticated space for a young child, complete with oversized pillows and sparkling gold accents for just a subtle hint of luxury. The stripe of LED lighting surely sets the atmosphere for amazing sleepover parties.

Tall cabinets make storage and cleanup a breeze. One of the doors is clad with a full-length mirror, surely a favorite feature for costume making or fashion shows.

With very little distraction, the desk is sure to offer a peaceful environment for study. The child-sized floor lamp is an especially cute touch.

This young occupant just might grow up to appreciate classic design just as much as the parents do - especially with this rocking chair designed by Charles and Ray Eames.

Finally, after all the homework is completed and packed away, it's finally time to enjoy a little television time before dinner. This media cabinet is just the right size for the room.

What an incredible bedroom! This space transformed a central support beam into the perfect little treehouse for the young resident to play inside. In fact, the entire bedroom seems themed around a neighborhood motif, with potted trees and mock storefronts and even a lush rug made to look like verdant grass.

The tree house covers three stories, with private rooms and open decks to facilitate all types of fun playtime scenarios. Lights hang down on all sides and mimic the shape of wild vines or dripping rays of sunlight.

Even the storage wall implements creative and whimsical details. Toys reside in their own little shopfronts, with room for just about everything else stretching to the ceiling above.

As if the room didn't inspire enough creativity on its own, this chalkboard wall allows the young resident to draw or write out some of the stories after a play session.

It's not just a display of architectural ingenuity - precious teddy bears, precious objects, and plenty of cheery plants surround the young resident.

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