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Wedge Shaped House Is Britain's House Of The Year

The extraordinary Flint House by Skene Catling de la Peña has just been named Britain's House of the Year by the Royal Institute of British Architects, and it's hard to imagine a construction more worthy of the honor.

5 Stylish & Organized Mini Apartments

In today's market, and many of the world's major cities, space is a luxury. But that doesn't mean your tiny apartment can't feel beautiful, and can't function perfectly.

Luxurious & Inspiring Penthouses

Penthouses are synonymous with luxury. But just because your your penthouse dream home may be a bit out of reach, doesn't mean you can't incorporate some of the incredible design ideas into your own home for a luxurious feel.

Two Homes That Celebrate Greenery Indoors

Houseplants provide unparalleled value to any home. They purify and freshen up the air, raise humidity on dry days, and some studies even suggest that being around plants can boost concentration and reduce stress.