Kitchens That Make the Cut

Kitchens That Make the Cut

The amazing Artica kitchen by Estudiosat, was designed in answer to the challenge set by manufacturer Delta Cocinas to create a kitchen that stepped outside the box from the style of kitchens currently available on the marketplace; looking at the origami-esque geometric folds of these cabinet fronts, it appears as though that old constricting design 'box' has been stamped upon, to create one very new and edgy concept.

The cut ice-like surface comes without any compromise on functionality and results in no added company investment, maintaining traditional production processes and still managing to respect the environment.

The visual impact achieved here is also evident in several more kitchen creations from the company, here a few that caught our attentionâ €¦

The rich wood teamed with industrial metallic shutters here gives a superb contrast, and note the use of differing workbench materials that compliment the two tones of cabinetry along the tall storage run. Advertisement

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