Luxury House in Vancouver - Parthenon Place

Luxury House in Vancouver - Parthenon Place

We will feature a great looking luxury home from Vancouver, Canada, today. Besides being architecturally gorgeous the Parthenon's Place sports an outdoor pool, semi waterfront, exclusive waterfront park with private beach and playing field for children. The rooms appear cosy, the views are spectacular and there seems to be just plenty of choices as to where to spend your time in this home!

cool green home exterior

Home Exterior

swimming pool green

Outdoor Pool

luxury lobby

luxury penthouse livingroom

Living Room

luxury multilevel house

Main Staircase

green natural lighted entry hall

Foyer Entry

elegant living room

Conservatory and Open Plan of Living

living room natural light

Entertainment Rooms With Spectacular View

living hall panorama view

Recreation Room

modern space saving living room

Family Room

modern living room


study room green

Master Bedroom

green bedroom study

Guest Bedroom

The house has multiple kids' rooms.

luxury bedroom

kids room colourful

kids room lighted

kids room natural light

lookout balcony

Lookout Balcony

luxury natural lighting living dining room

Dining Room With View

luxury designer dining room

luxury compact kitchen dining

kitchen dining space saving

Posh Kitchen

compact study room

Home Office

bath room archive

toilet room compact


The images are courtesy of Jason Soprovich, a luxury real estate agent from Vancouver.

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