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Northbridge House by architect Alex Popov

The first dome house porch, living room and master bedroom, which features both a functional space including kitchen, dining room, a courtyard and pool terrace, while the third features a formal living room and a staircase to the lower level where you will find rest bedroom, living room and opens to the outside tennis courts. Stunning sea view is framed by four steel-concrete dome homes and 48 columns, which open and attach a contemporary, open-concept floor plan. Features a large pool terrace above the ceiling 18 meters infinity pool, which extends from the house and cantilevers out over three floors vacuum. Bringing ultra-modern edge to the outskirts of Sydney, Australia, winner of the Northbridge House designed by architect Alex Popov sitting at the end of a peninsula facing the Middle Harbor. This luxurious interior design, one-story based on the four domes.

Posted by on October 25, 2009.

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