Reading Corners

Reading Corners

Let's take a look at how Evermotion forum's skilled visualization specialists have rendered out their takes on reading nooks, or on this grand scale, calling them as dedicated reading rooms may be more apt. Soft neutrals are popular in these spaces rendered by Blalank Studio, but striking slate gray, and bright striped schemes offer bolder results that are rich with ambiance and character

Comfort is key when settling down with the latest best seller and a big mug of tea for a an hour or two, so you will find a comfortable chair in slick recliner style, or a cozy armchair, in each of these renders along with the obligatory standing lamp to ward off that eyestrain. There are varying ideas on the perfect lighting solution, with arc lamps, industrial cans, and more standard lamps all earning their place. Following space is designed by XM Studio.

Modern Home Plan

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Video: Relaxing and Cozy Reading Corners.


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