Red & White Apartment

Red & White Apartment

Red and white is a striking color combination for home interiors, and the Celio Apartment, in Rome, Italy, is a perfect example that shows how to pull it off in style. The project by Carola Vannini Architecture is a luxurious space, located near the Colesseo area, which underwent a detailed redesign to recognize the clients desire to open out the space in order to breathe in the outer landscape, resulting in expansive airy rooms pooled with light.

A continuous flow of living areas was created, with the large contemporary living room flowing into a modern dining area, and finally a minimalist kitchen that can be closed off with two sliding doors of white glass. With a seamlessness enabled by one cohesive color scheme, the minimalist interior achieves a relaxed feel within its highly styled decor.

The interior layout was rethought and a number of windows were opened up to create multiple aspects through picture frame-like black surrounds. Advertisement

Color coordinated LED strip lighting is found throughout the home to create a divide between floor and fixtures, and ceiling hems, causing the fitted units appear to float, and to exaggerate depth and perspective.

Large kitchen cabinets, and a central island with white corian worktop, make a practical space out of minimalist design.

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