Say Yes to Yellow: 4 Apartments That Flaunt Yellow Accents

Say Yes to Yellow: 4 Apartments That Flaunt Yellow Accents

When dealing with modern design, it is easy to fall victim to the tyranny of neutrals. A room all in white seems so clean and chic. But when designers are able to include a few splashes of marvelous bright color, that is when a room can really come alive. Take a look at the four apartments featured here from Yo Dezeen, AvA Studio,  mg design uk, and AR Studio.

Our first burst of yellow comes to us from the design team at Yo Dezeen.

In a home with largely classic architecture, adding an irregular yellow panel is shockingly modern. Advertisement

The designers have also pulled the color in by painting this of-the-moment skull in the same shade, uniting the two sides of the room.

Other major features in the apartment tend towards neutral, starting with this gray sectional that looks super comfortable.

The yellow panel sits off center from the television, making the visual much more interesting.

Without the yellow paneling, this image makes it easy to see how otherwise plain the room might feel.

Massive shelving units add a bit of practicality while the black entryway nearly disappears into the wall.

The molding in the walls acts as its own frame for the yellow skull. Advertisement

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Video: Say Yes to Yellow 4 Apartments That Flaunt Yellow Accents.

4 Apartments That Flaunt Yellow Accents.

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