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The Platinum LEED Building in California

The Border Project is a gorgeous green located in Rancho Cucamonga in Southern California which serves as headquarters for the educational nonprofit under the same name. The platinum LEED building is dedicated to educate residents, commercial builders, and advocates of sustainability on the latest methods and technologies in water conservation, energy efficiency, and conservation of the site. This project was designed by HMC Architects and completed in October 2009, the project has received numerous honors including the Award Architecture Business Council. District Cucamonga Valley Water (CVWD) heads the Frontier Project as an initiative of community service that educates customers on green technology and awareness of resource conservation. Located southwest of the water district headquarters The project actually serves as a wind shadow by blocking the prevailing winds. The building sustainable technologies and strategies for building residents and builders. The tours are available to the public Monday through Friday 9 am-3 pm, while the kiosks provide more information on organic food and living living, green roofs, solar array, and the native garden area and no water. There is also an exhibition space for special events and demonstrations. The building also has a conference room with capacity for 80 people to attend workshops, classes and seminars. An office workspace for up to 15 employees demonstrated the “office of the future” in a workspace open and bright . The Border Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the community on strategies for sustainable construction and resource conservation. The organization was founded by the District of Cucamonga Valley Water. The roof has three cooling systems: 1) A photovoltaic generator absorbs energy from the sun and converts it into electricity. 2) A green roof insulates the building and rainwater infiltration. 3) A cool roof surface reflecting sunlight. A green kitchen green finishes such as flooring, cabinets and countertops, energy efficient appliances. The northeast side of the courtyard house is a sheltered space for people to enjoy, the north-facing windows allow in natural light the building. Outside, a wilderness and drought tolerant, sustainable landscapes presented. The rain water is collected and stored. The project received a special prize (California Chapter, an award from the Council of Business Leadership Award and the U.S.

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