Total Class From Total Environment

Total Class From Total Environment

This beautiful work is by Bangalore based firm Total Environment, a company who claims to be "focused on creating spaces that you can be proud of living and working in", and "to make living more comfortable and joyous." We think they've got it pretty much spot on, but why not take a look through some of our favorite snippets from their portfolio below and let us know what you think.

The classy interior design style of the team has been worked through every interior and exterior living space, from vast open sided living rooms to sweeping sun patios and poolside relaxation areas. Advertisement

Their sophisticated compositions blur the boundary between the outdoor and indoor living spaces, creating a harmonious blend.

This bathroom sees the introduction of an interior courtyard to add a splice of nature, and promote a sense of calm, when bathing. A large mirror spans the space to help reflect the natural light from the skylight around the entire room, whilst the color palette is reminiscent of a soothing beach scene.

Modern Home Plan

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This sprawling kitchen diner is kept relatively monochrome in its color story, with a scattering of pendant lights adding interest and sheen.

They pull off some unique intersections of structure and environmentâ €¦

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