Transformable Space Saving Kids Rooms

Transformable Space Saving Kids Rooms

Decorating a kid's room can always be a challenge. Kids grow up so fast that it is impossible to know what they will like or need next year or even next month. While the rooms in this post can't predict when your teenager will stop listening to Katy Perry and start dressing like Marilyn Manson, they can do one this expertly: transform desk to bed, beds to walls, and one boy's room into a sleepover haven. Italian design company Clei specializes in these transformable, space saving beds and desks that, as you can see in these photos, work perfectly for kids rooms.

The contrast of bold colors like pink with neutral white and gray keep this bedroom young and playful without being offensively bright.

What appears to be a normal desk folds down seamlessly to reveal a hidden murphy bed. Advertisement

When fully revealed, the gray murphy bed is sturdy and comfortable while the original desk is carefully hidden away.

With plenty of built in shelving, this girl's room is both stylish and practical.

When the sleek turquoise desk folds down to reveal a secret bed, it becomes the perfect retreat for a sleepover or visiting cousins.

Under the murphy bed, the desk area becomes a storage surface and even more shelving is revealed.

The minimalist desk may not have a lot of features, but that makes it easier to keep clean and free of distracting clutter.

This creative office area is colorful and bright, perfect for sparking the next great idea. Advertisement

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Whether you have a huge house and need some extra space for guests or less square footage but still want your kids to have comfortable sleep overs, these convertible beds offer an affordable, stylish solution for any room in the house.

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