Unique Home with Skylights and Central Courtyard

Unique Home with Skylights and Central Courtyard

This beautiful home with interior courtyard outlook, visualized by the talent at Alpha Idea, includes a multitude of modern ideas to form a fresh and unexpected result.

Beyond the circular, central courtyard, a home library houses a collection of bedtime reads. Advertisement

The wash of sunlight rushes through the enormous glazed panels that form the wall at the foot of the bed, where a serene interior courtyard harbors a blossoming tree, a truly stunning view to fall asleep under.

The well-lit room takes full advantage of the luminosity with a textured headboard feature wall, where square shaped pieces are extruded to varying degrees in order that the light may reflect, and shadow may fall, like water over a pebble-bottomed stream.

Modern Home Plan

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This home reminds us of the one with the Lamborghini in the living.

Video: Unique Home with Skylights and Central Courtyard.


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