Urban Residence with Charming Terrace

Urban Residence with Charming Terrace

The interior design ethos present within this undertaking is one of quintessentially Scandinavian modern eclecticism that is both warm and restrained. Upon viewing this urban hideaway, one is instilled with a sense that every piece of furniture, each wall hanging, all of the purposefully placed books and even the often quirky, choices in lighting, tell a story and reflect the individuality of the home's inhabitant. There exists an overwhelming sense that this home is truly lived in and loved, which is furthered by the occupant's obvious desire to extend interaction with the space beyond the albeit, inviting living area and out onto the carefully styled, pot plant-laden terrace.

The terrace embodies everything that is right with this space. It is a means of natural light that spills into the greater apartment and is redistributed by reflective white walls. It incorporates natural elements, such as potted greenery and wooden flooring, worn by exposure to the sun, which speaks to the rustic beams that inhabit the interior and almost seem to grow out of similarly dark hardwood planks. It is also a sanctuary that accommodates some of the more modern elements found inside the home, such as glazing and metal work, to be found in the stainless steel railing and frame of its accordion door.

Modern Home Plan

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Images Via Alvhem Mäkleri

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